We are a FMCG-leading company within MENA region

“We have our own passion for the business”


Dar El Wafaa is a leading company in the field of FMCG in Egypt and outside Egypt. It has gained its distinguished position because of its achievements in the last years since 1980.

It has more than 300 employees in its various branches . Dar El-Wafaa has adopted a new strategy in marketing, distribution and direct selling on a large scale inside and outside Egypt, and has continued to improve its areas, making it a large marketing position in the Egyptian market and abroad.

Dar El Wafaa has a huge team of different specialties in all its facilities covering Egypt and outside Egypt. Its aim is to serve our customers in the Egyptian and international markets

As we have launched our new facility in the business hub of MENA , Dubai . As to facilitate our international trading and delivering our brands to all over the world.



 VISION: Sustain markable position as one of Egyptian’s most valuable corporations through world class performance, creating growing value for the Egyptian economy.

MISSION: Achieve Excellent FMCG distribution service through innovative business solutions by continuous development of company infrastructure, modern information technology integration and manpower capabilities.

VALUES: Entrepreneurship ; Team work ; Fair ; Committed; Prudent​.